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3626 N. Frazier Industrial Park Dr Conroe, TX, USA – 77303
Suite 550, 842 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, TX 77024

Your equipment works hard for you. It deserves proper care and maintenance.

Excessive vibrations and imbalances lead to premature wear and damage to your machinery. Our skilled technicians use the latest balancing technology to fine-tune your machinery for perfect balance extending the lifespan of your equipment, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.


  • Check Balance, Balance Corrections,
    Residual Unbalance
  • Shaft and component balancing
    to 4W/N or better
  • Schenck HM60B: 5,000 RPM, max 40,000 lb, max dia. 130”
  • Schenck HM40B: 120 RPM,
    max 5,000 lb, max dia. 63”
  • Capacity to accommodate 14’ equipment
  • CAB 920 SmartTouch Measuring System

By fine-tuning the balance of your equipment, we help you achieve maximum performance.