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Emergency Gearbox Repair – Suncor Terra Nova FPSO


On November 7 2019, the Starboard Fire Pump on the Suncor Terra Nova FPSO experienced a gearbox failure, which subsequently resulted in stopping production due to not having adequate fire protection aboard the vessel, as per compliance requirements by the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB). A joint partnership between Pennecon Energy Services and Blackstone Industrial Services was formed to respond to this matter, entailing an expedited turnaround with an onshore shop repair, followed by the offshore installation and testing/commissioning, re-instating the fire pump as well as continuing offshore production.


Some of the challenges entailed working with a gearbox technology out of production, not having the required special tooling, and the unavailability of spare parts. Through our Pennecon-Blackstone partnership, and with close collaboration with the gearbox OEM, we were able to special order expedited parts, identify the tooling required and fabricate the tooling, thereafter working together on the repair/assembly. It was necessary to carry out this level of work onshore due to the required machining and balancing involved. Once the gearbox repair was complete, inspections and sign-offs were made by Suncor and Lloyd’s Register. The gearbox was then shipped offshore, where Blackstone appointed a Technical Field Advisor to support the installation and commissioning.

Customer Benefits

The turnaround was successful and the Terra Nova FPSO was once again compliant with the C-NLOPB, providing a full fire prevention system and allowing continued offshore production.

Date Completed



Suncor Energy


Terra Nova FPSO (350 km offshore from St John’s NL)

Equipment Type

Amarillo S1800 Right Angle Gearbox

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