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Fort Saskatchewan, 2023

Restoring Efficiency to a 1962 Clark Bros Diesel Compressor


At Blackstone Industrial, we pride ourselves on rejuvenating aging equipment to maximize efficiency and value for our clients. This case study highlights our successful restoration of a 1962 Clark Bros diesel fuel-driven reciprocating compressor, addressing specific challenges while ensuring seamless operations for our client.


Our scope encompassed a zero-hour overhaul of the compressor, involving the full removal of the machine from its foundation. Internally, all parts were meticulously inspected and reconditioned, with repair scopes and estimates provided to support the work. Transportation and logistics of parts to our trusted third-party network, ensured thorough refurbishment. Assembly, startup, and commissioning were meticulously executed, followed by ongoing support to achieve satisfactory run times, meeting our client’s stringent expectations.

Customer Benefits

The restored compressor plays a pivotal role in the production of Ammonia for the agriculture industry, particularly during critical sales seasons in April/May and September/October, accounting for approximately $100M in production. Our efforts ensured uninterrupted operations, contributing to significant cost savings and operational efficiency for our client.

Date Completed



Fort Saskatchewan 

Equipment Type

1962 Clark Bros – diesel fuel driven reciprocating compressor

Year Built
Working Hours
Production Value


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