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CANADA, 2022

Steam Turbine Restoration

CANADA, 2022

Steam Turbine Restoration

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Steam Driver for Power Generation


Golden, BC

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CA Parson, TG1


Blackstone recently conducted a detailed inspection to investigate increased vibration issues on a steam turbine built in 1946, predating the digital era. The scope included disassembling the steam turbine and vibration analysis to diagnose the root cause of the vibrations. Despite the lack of modern documentation, our team meticulously reviewed the limited historical maintenance records and physical blueprints. Key components, including the rotor, bearings, and seals, were closely examined to identify wear, misalignment, or damage. The investigation pinpointed specific areas requiring maintenance and provided actionable recommendations to mitigate vibration and enhance performance. This project underscores Blackstone’s expertise in maintaining and optimizing vintage industrial equipment, blending traditional engineering practices with modern diagnostic methods.


  • Disassemble the steam turbine and investigate increased vibration issues.
  • The turbine rotor was sent to the Blackstone Repair Center for further inspection and investigation.
  • The coupling was found to be badly worn, and we have been requested to quote a replacement.
  • Radial bearings found to be delaminating, we have been requested to quote repair of each unit.
  • Once all components have been inspected and repaired, return to the site and reassemble the unit.
  • Assist with vibration monitoring and trim balancing once the unit has been recommissioned.
  • Had a third party come and do a vibration/foundation analysis to ensure the foundation is deficient-free
  • After 4 weeks of run time, returned to inspect and regrease the coupling.


  • Dealing with a unit built in 1946 with little information available.
  • The existing beam and trolleys had low overhead clearance. They had been replaced recently, which caused a more severe issue with clearance when removing the rotor from the building.
  • Upper and lower cases have cracks in and around the split line bolting area.
  • The coupling that was provided posed some challenges with regard to fitting up as well as being able to retain its lubrication. Several modifications had to be made to ensure that the seal would stay in place as well as retain grease. The bolting provided was not industry spec, and the old bolting had to be utilized and modified to fit.
  • Trim Balancing was a very laborious procedure as the machine had to be isolated each time and the inboard bearing housing cover removed each time a change was required. Eventually, the client was convinced to add jack bolt holes in the cover to assist with removal.

Customer Benefits

  • Peace of mind that they have a unit that can run for several years without issue.
  • Better baseline for vibration analysis.
  • Built a lasting relationship with the customer to provide future support.

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