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Case Study | Re-Engineered Steam Turbine

Dive into our latest success story on the orphan fleet rejuvenation, strategic refurbishment, re-engineering and optimization of a 60+ year old steam turbine at an industrial food and beverage plant in Louisiana, USA. We're excited to share the journey of this remarkable project in our latest case study.

• STEAM TURBINE: 60+ year old
• OEM: NO support/replace with NEW option ONLY vs IN-KIND
• ISSUES: Extensive repairs/parts availability

• METROLOGY & 3D scanning
• UPGRADED rotating (blading) components
• REPLACED stationary components
• INSPECTED other components (casing/valve racks)
• MANUFACTURED: ALL turbine internals

• OUTPUT: Power INCREASED by 42%
• LIFE CYCLE: Extended equipment and parts availability
• FIELD: Outstanding execution and dealing with scope changes
• SAFETY: Resolved previous issues
• BLACKSTONE Management: One-stop shop solution/delivered on time, on budget

It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and we owe it all to the incredible efforts of our Technical Services team with dedicated Engineers and Field Crews, our esteemed partners at Compression Service Technology – C.S.T. – S.r.l. and the invaluable contributions from the talented Engineering Researchers at Politecnico di Milano University in Italy. Our partnerships have been a cornerstone of this successful project. The combined expertise and innovative solutions brought by our collective teams have been instrumental in overcoming obstacles and addressing the real needs of our clients.